Sunshine on Clouds, EWR-DCA

One more trip back to DCA to say goodbye to our old North Virginia townhouse before finally selling it and ending our official residence in the United States.

Farewell to our old house

Visited a couple of old friends.

NASA Headquarters
Washington Post

And one last takeoff from DCA with a view of the National Mall. Goodbye and godspeed, Washington, District of Columbia. (So sorry to all you DC friends I wasn’t able to see, I’ll hopefully be back sometime for a proper get-together over some nice Virginia oysters or something.)

Leaving DC

Postscript: A detour through Montreal, Quebec (as my original departing flight through Newark was rebooked due to a dent in the engine), where I conversed briefly with a restaurant robot who persuaded me to order a salad.

Pepper Robot at Avenue des Canadiens

Also browsed the #YULArt “Le MontrĂ©aler” exhibit, in which local artists imagined covers for a Montreal-based magazine in homage to the New Yorker.

YUL #yulart

More photos in the YHZ-EWR-DCA-YUL-YHZ photoset, and video of takeoff from DCA.