We bought a townhouse. After 6 years in our 1BR condo we wanted to upgrade to a bigger place, but not too much bigger. Moving day was in March, and to this day we still have a few boxes left to unpack. The old condo sold to new owners over the summer, much to our relief.


The cats are happy about this, as now they have more than triple the space to run around.

Amelia #cat amidst moving boxes Martha #cat atop the kitchen cabinets

New home is a 3BR/2.5BA townhouse, near (by car) to various shopping malls and the Beltway, and walking distance from Metro, with a Metro shuttle at rush hour. It’s a good location for the price, though much less walkable than any of our previous residences. That does disappoint me somewhat, as I already suffer some middle-class suburban angst, but the location is an excellent compromise between accessibility and affordability — hard to find in this exorbitant DC-area market — and where we are is much more nature-y.

Forest trail

The cats certainly love sitting at the windows and watching the woods for birds and deer and squirrels.

Martha #cat enjoys her new view

The house is a bit older than our previous condo, but not by too much. There are a few repairs to make, and Amy and I are learning and applying some home DIY skills as we go along.

Townhouse Pano, Kitchen and Living Room

It’s still a bit strange to have things like a deck and a fence and a yard and stairs and more than one bathroom, but we’re getting used to that. More photos here.