That was the longest long-haul flight I’ve ever taken: twelve hours. I occupied a window seat near the back of the plane, beside a large, unkempt man from Ghana with invasive elbows. Passengers were asked to keep their windows closed to the sun through most of the flight, thus denying me any view of Europe or the Arabian desert passing under us.

Were it not for the ICE (Info, Communication, Entertainment) system in front of me, the trip would have been altogether unbearable. I watched a total of six movies, I think, mostly of the Dumb Fun variety: I, Robot; Day After Tomorrow; A Shark’s Tale; Aliens vs Predator; Disney’s The Rescuers, and The Right Stuff.

Now I’m in transit in Dubai Airport, alternating between dozing and the internet in the Marhaba Lounge after a short Duty Free shopping spree. Just one more eight-hour flight, and I’m in Manila. My intention is to use the ICE movies to watch nothing but Bollywood all the way.