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Christmas 2014 and New Year 2015

Already knew it was going to be a great Christmas Day from the Manila Bulletin headline. Dad at Christmas brunch with grandson (my nephew), and sister-in-law after jubilantly gifting my brother with a GoPro: Toddler nephew also played around with my DSLR and managed to snap a decent photo of Amy. Then I pointed the […]

Manila Christmas Morning Sunrise

Quick time lapse of the sun rising over the hazy Metro Manila landscape on Christmas morning, as shot from a San Juan high rise, looking east towards Ortigas: That may look like a picturesque mist but it doesn’t burn off quickly like radiative fog when the heat of the sun falls on it. That’s because […]

LHC Reunion

Took the NEX3 camera to lunch at Serendra with old friends from college. We wryly called ourselves “Lonely Hearts Club” back in school but we’re not lonely today, and I’m who I am because of their friendship. Love you all, great to see you again. And the chili chocolate gelato was amazing.

Stained Glass Sunlight

Since I’m in the First Baptist DC choir, the day of Christmas Candlelight Carols are an all-day event for me, from morning rehearsals and worship service to more rehearsals in the afternoon, to the Candlelight Carol service itself. During a break in rehearsals I noticed the sun shining through the famous stained glass windows and […]

Milky Way over Chincoteague

While out in Chincoteague last weekend I was eager to take advantage of the clear, dark night sky to get my first photos of the Milky Way with the NEX3 and VCLECF1 lens. Our galaxy did not disappoint. I did get some light glare off the McDonald’s parking lot lights and the Assateague Lighthouse, but […]

Lunar Eclipse of October 2014

I got up early enough to catch this morning’s lunar eclipse from the roof, but sadly did not make it to the Capitol in time for my original plan, to catch an eclipsed moonset with the DC skyline. Still, it was a lovely total lunar eclipse to start off the morning. I also tried collecting […]


I still run a webcam to keep an eye on the house while we’re out, and this week I found Martha making a special appearance in the archive. Both cats do like hanging around on tops of shelves lately. When they’re not looking out the window for birds. Or joining us at the dining table.

Luce Center #throughglass

Some scenes from the Luce Foundation Center, one of my favorite parts of the Reynolds Center: multiple levels of display cases crammed full of art from the permanent collection, as well as the Lunder Conservation Center. Shot with Google Glass.

Corcoran Farewell

With the Corcoran Gallery transitioning to NGA and GWU owernship, admission is now free till the museum closes indefinitely in October, so we dropped by last weekend. This would probably be our final visit to the Corcoran as a private institution. Farewell, Corcoran Gallery. More photos here.

Folklife 2014

This year’s Smithsonian Folklife Festival had just two rather than the usual three cultural themes: China and Kenya. The Festival ran into some trouble with NPS over new park landscaping concerns, but everything seems to have been ironed out for at least the next five years.