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DC Cherry Blossoms 2014

I might have gone a bit overboard using this fisheye lens with the cherry blossoms over the weekend. The blooms were lovely and it was a nice, warm day — though the DC crowds were thicker than I’ve ever seen them, both at the Tidal Basin and at the Washington Monument grove. Also notable was […]


I recently purchased a used SEL16f28 wide angle lens and VCLECF1 fisheye converter for the Sony NEX3 from Eric Cheng, and gave the combo a try around church and DC last Sunday. I’ve found the lens combo is also good for macro shots, as evidenced by these pictures of cherry blossoms and cats. (The cats […]


Seriously, these cats.

Great Falls

Some photos from Great Falls Park (the Virginia side) where we stopped for a quick hike while it was nice out last Sunday. (We had previously visited Great Falls in 2006, seeing it from Olmsted Island on the Maryland side.) We also hiked a bit up the Patowmack Canal Trail, but it was rather muddy […]


Cold snaps and polar vortices have been dropping temperatures down to single digits (ºF) lately, forming these lovely sheens of frost on the car windshield; it almost seems a shame to have to scrape them off. (And at least once the frost was on the inside.)


Brought the cats to the vet today for their annual checkup and vaccine boosters. Here is how Martha looks at the vet: And here is how Amelia looks at the vet: Amelia has a bit of gingivitis and will need daily applications of gum gel. You can tell which cat was much less happy about […]

Twelfth Winter

The snow started out picturesque, dry flakes coating the business parks and parking lots of suburban North Virginia. It wasn’t quite as picturesque the next day, and thawing and refreezing turned the parking lots into skating rinks. Then came the Polar Vortex (fortunately after a relatively warm rain and melt that removed the parking lot […]

Capitol Sunset

It was one of those perfect “golden hour” moments; the setting sun shining through a hole in the clouds on the shortest day of the year, just as we were walking by the West side of the Capitol to get to the Metro. I got the picture, and mere minutes later, the tawny glow was […]

ISS and SL-16 R/B

Got a little bonus with my ISS flyover long exposure on Friday 12/27: an SL-16 R/B (spent Russian Zenit rocket booster) orbiting from North to South faded in and crossed paths over the station: This was one of my best ISS long exposures thus far, on a nice, clear night with no wind, with camera […]

Christmas Photos 2013

Christmas scenes from around DC this December: And from around New Jersey, where we spent Christmas with Amy’s folks: Also this Santa Claus-themed Christmas card is the most brilliant riff on Matisse’s The Dance I have ever seen: