Walk Through DCA

After dropping off my parents at National Airport, I went on the long walk from Terminal A (the original 1941 airport building) to Terminal B/C (the newer, larger airport) to catch the Metro to work, stopping in the historic lobby to check out the exhibit hall and watch a plane take off:

There’s a somewhat kitschy 9/11 commemorative painting hanging in the terminal hallway, which I’ve been meaning to get a picture of. I post it here now with a detail closeup, without further comment:

Kitschy 9/11 Painting Kitschy 9/11 Painting (detail)

I also dropped by the DCA airport chapel to get some photos to add to my collection. Especially fun was this closeup of the chapel phone by the Master Switch. Can you spot the typo?

Note the Typo on the Phone Sticker

Does he come in with his bowler hat, cane, and Führer moustache to do a vaudeville-style routine in which he eats his shoe?