End of the SD1000

So as I was saying in my last entry, suddenly, disaster struck! As I was maneuvering between tourists to get a photo of the giant squid, my camera slipped out of my hand and crashed to the hard marble floor, bouncing spectacularly as pieces of plastic flew off the camera lens ring and battery cover. I picked up the camera (a Canon Powershot SD1000) with a sad “Argh,” and finding the electronics and screen still working, tried snapping a test photo:


Looks like the CCDs might have gotten messed up in the fall; any photo I take now comes out slightly fuzzy with horizontal lines all across, and the exposure bias seems to be permanently stuck at a very bright -2/3 EV, giving any subject an unearthly bloom of glowing brilliance.

So that’s it for this camera. It’s lasted me just three weeks shy of a year since I got it, and snapped 3,512 photos in that time. For a replacement I’ve got my eye on the Powershot SD1100IS, mainly because it’s almost the same camera, just slightly upgraded, for cheap. Plus, I should be able to use the SD1000’s battery on this one, so I effectively have a spare battery and charger to go with it. Still, that SD880IS is tempting too…