First Snow (Dec 2007)

It snowed all Wednesday, and we had at least an inch by evening. There’s just something about December 5th, I guess; in 2002, 2003, 2005, and now this year, the first significant snow of the season came to the DC area on Dec. 5th.

IMG_0769.JPG mo_425_.jpg IMG_0758.JPG IMG_0756.JPG IMG_0750.JPG

IMG_0746.JPG IMG_0749.JPG


The snow was not kind to everyone, however. Many sidewalks looked like this on Thursday, and near the Bad Ramps, a firetruck was parked while emergency responders tended to someone who appeared to have slipped on the cobbles and injured his legs: (not the ramps’ fault, but due to ice)

mo_426_.jpg mo_427_.jpg

Full photoset here, and also check out these snowy DC photos on CapitalWeather.