Zoo Visit

Amy and I strolled around the zoo over the weekend. Of course, the National Zoo on a summer Saturday is, like much of the Tourist Core of DC, Screaming Toddler Central, especially as we were going around the Reptile House, but things were quieter with Invertebrates. See the full zoo photoset here. Having forgotten my regular camera (the Powershot A400) at my in-laws’, I’ve been using my Thincam as backup, so please excuse the lower quality. Some snaps:

IMG_0441 IMG_0414 IMG_0411 IMG_0448 Crab.jpg IMG_0450

Oh, a Zoo tip: do not try to use your credit card with the vending machines. Dealing with two separate user interfaces: the machine itself and the POS card swipe (I use “POS” for both its meanings here), which barely interact with each other and give conflicting information, will frustrate you to tears as you struggle to extract ice cream bars from a machine which hates you for not having exact change on a hot sunny day.