Wright Night!

IMG_6707.JPG I almost didn’t make it, thanks to jury duty and some annoying javascript bugs at work, but finally I ran out of the office, grabbed a taxi to National Cathedral, and caught N.T. Wright speaking on his new book, “Simply Christian.” (And I also managed to snag the last hardcover from the Cathedral book desk, too.) Wright is a wonderfully lucid and witty speaker, and the comparisons to C.S. Lewis are not without cause. I especially appreciated his thoughts on the narrative-centric nature of Scripture, and the need for Christianity to engage in a postmodern critique of the arrogant historicity of Enlightenment Age thought.

IMG_6709.JPG IMG_6710.JPG

Above left: Wyclif, Eleysium, and a random grinning stranger. Above right: One great Anglican signs autographs for another great Anglican. (By the way, Brian Davis was there, but had to run back to Baltimore before I could pull my camera out. Sorry.)

Finally, nothing to do with Wright, but the amber rays of sunset provided some perfect light for this shot of the National Cathedral: