Moultrie.jpg Well, as if May weren’t busy enough already, I’ve been selected to be a juror. This entails going to the DC Courts everyday for the duration of the trial. Judge says the case will last for three days, more or less, from 10am to about 4pm each day. If I’m really lucky, it ends early, and I can still make it to Wright Night and Amy’s graduation. If I’m not lucky, it stretches out for days into next week and all I get is $34/day for the trouble. Hurrah for the DC criminal justice system. Pictured at right, the courthouse building I’ll be really familiar with by the end of the week.


  1. I had jury duty today, but didn’t get picked. Most of the docket plead out or got continuances. Usually there are 2-3 per day for each weekday. They sent me home after picking 60 as a pool for a murder case. Glad to hear you get $34/day; we only get $20. They oughta pay at least federal minimum wage total per day.

  2. We get $15/day, and then they come beg us to donate it back to something or other. You want to steal a day of my time and then dictate my charitable giving? No thanks.