Thanksgiving at Grandma’s

As with last Thanksgiving and the one before it, I joined Amy and her folks for dinner at her grandmother’s, somewhere up in the wild Watchung Hills of New Jersey. A delicious traditional feast was served, with many thanks to Amy’s mom: Roast turkey, three kinds of stuffing (chestnut, sausage, and plain), mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, asparagus, green beans, shrimp cocktail, olives, gherkins, creamed pearl onions, and three kinds of pie (pumpkin, apple, and cherry). All quite sumptuous. Dinner conversation centered around how Amy’s uncle just found out that their family are Mayflower descendants.

Oh, and it snowed lightly, on and off throughout the day. None of it stuck to the ground, but it was pleasant to look outside during Thanksgiving dinner to see a sight more often reserved for Christmas (this far south, anyway).

After the Snow Amy Pours Asti Bob's Thanksgiving Meditation Shrimp Cocktail Turkey Wing Drumstick

How was your Thanksgiving? Did Turkey Claus come in the night and fill your Fall stockings with lots of pumpkin pie? Leave a comment linking to your story and photos from last Thursday.