Zoo Day

Went to the National Zoo on Sunday after church and an Indian buffet meal at Rajaji. Bit hot out so we spent more time inside the air conditioned indoor habitats. I’ve always liked the Invertebrates. Baby anemones and sea urchins!

Baby Anemones
Sea Urchin

Outside the Invertebrate House, a stray deer had wandered onto the zoo grounds from Rock Creek Park.

Stray wild deer in National Zoo

We also checked on the reptiles, tigers, orangutans, and pandas.

Caribbean Iguana Tiger
Orangutan Panda

And the small-clawed otters were quite playful and fun to watch, as always.

Small Clawed Otter Small Clawed Otter

We didn’t linger as it was just far too hot in the summer sun, so we’ll probably go back some other time in the Fall to stay longer. Full photoset from our zoo day here.