Hanging out at Hains Point

I took my newly repaired skates (replaced broken brake harness and rotated wheels) out for a spin today, going up Pennsylvania Ave to the White House, around the Ellipse and down the Mall to Lincoln Memorial, then around West and East Potomac Parks to Hains Point, where I plopped down in the grass, shot photos of The Awakening and National Airport, and generally enjoyed the day off.

More on Flickr.


  1. graceshort says:

    Those are great photos. I love D.C. and I must ask if you have “for real” roller skates. If so, the ability to take pictures while roller skating is just one more reason for me to buy a pair (along with the wind on my face, electric orange laces, and learning how to skate backwards again.

  2. Paulo says:

    Grace – nope, not “for real,” they’re inline. I call it skating because “rollerblading” is too… branded. Glad you liked the photos!