This is my 50th Caturday post!

Pandora at the Vet

Pandora had a vet visit yesterday, for a general checkup and nail-trimming. Due to my shoulder injuries I wanted to avoid hefting around her carrier, so I got a Kittywalk Stroller to roll her over to the vet in style. The stroller frame and wheels snap together easily, and fold into a compact and easily storable configuration, and the detachable carrier (attached to the frame with two hooked elastic cords) comes with a nice soft cushioned floor and a sheltered “cave” half. Here’s the stroller and Pandora in the carrier:

Kittywalk Pet Stroller Pandora in Kittywalk Pet Stroller

One caveat about the stroller: it doesn’t respond too well on rough or cobbly sidewalks. Pandora had a bumpy ride, and a spring-restraining plastic cover fell off one of the wheel attachments, and now that wheel won’t turn properly anymore. I’ll probably have to ask for replacement parts.

Kittywalk Pet Stroller - broken wheel