IMG_8745.JPG Amy and I spent yesterday afternoon at the National Museum of Women in the Arts — a museum we’ve been meaning to visit for years, but kept putting off because it isn’t free. But the day was open after lunch with Brandon, so we went in, coughed up the $8/adult, and took the plunge.

The big great hall of pink marble and crystal chandeliers (Disney-ish, as Amy described it) that first greets you on entry is definitely not the whole museum. There’s a sparse collection of classical and neoclassical work lining the mezzanine walls, but you have to go up the marble staircase at the back of the hall to get to the meat of the collection — the exhibition hall and more modern painting and sculpture works on the upper floors.

Full NMWA photoset here, and here’s a highlight from the “Amy Juxtaposed Alongside Big Scultpure Heads” series: