Brief Rock Creek Hike

We went hiking around Rock Creek Park on Saturday, walking the Melvin Hazen Trail from Connecticut Ave to Rock Creek itself, down the bike path along Beach Drive to the zoo, and up through the Zoo to look at animals. Some photos from along the way:

IMG_2392.JPG IMG_2347.JPG

IMG_2337.JPG IMG_2384.JPG IMG_2354.JPG IMG_2397.JPG IMG_2414.JPG


Full Rock Creek Park photoset here.

While in the zoo, we made the mistake of eating at the “Mane Restaurant,” where slow, unfriendly staff served us chicken nuggets, hot dogs, and french fries scattered across a wet, haphazardly cleaned tray, all in a disorganized, noisy environment where a napkin dispenser touched a garbage can and a spray bottle of cleaning fluid rested abandoned on a dining table within easy reach of one of dozens of screaming brats running around the place. Not eating there again.

I’ll have a zoo video up later, but I must point out this sign we saw at the aviary, which made me insanely happy to see:


Update: Hurrah, I am noted in, and my zoo video is up.