Amy at Artomatic

Artomatic, the ever-famous DC community art event that fills just-constructed buildings with rentable artists’ walls, is up at Navy Yard, and this year Amy took the leap and got space to show some of her paintings and drawings, with a focus on her mushroom works. The show is up till July 5th so if you’re in DC, do check it out. Amy’s on the fifth floor.

Amy selects her Artomatic space

Back at Artomatic with Amy for Meet the Artists Night

Her parents came down to DC last weekend to check out the show. Here’s Amy and her dad with a giant Peep, and a couple of my favorite Peeps dioramas:

Amy and her dad and a large Peep at @Artomatic Peeps Apollo 11 @artomatic

Peeps Miracle on the Hudson @artomatic