Cherry Blossoms, 2018

First off, there were some nice blossoms right outside the Library of Congress, which I snapped first just in case I never made it to the Tidal Basin this year due to busyness.

Cherry Blossoms at LoC

Around peak bloom time, I ran over to the Tidal basin with my NEX3N for a quick cherry blossom lunch break.

DC Cherry Blossoms 2018

Along the way I discovered a walking route from L’Enfant to the Tidal Basin via the Rosa Parks bridge, an old railroad span converted to pedestrian overpass over Maine Ave SW behind the Mandarin at L’Enfant. I see the bridge from the train every morning but didn’t know it was publicly accessible, greatly shortening the walk from L’Enfant to the Tidal Basin.

Time was short so I pretty much just went from Maine Ave to Jefferson Memorial and back, snapping photos along the way and swapping between fisheye lens and telephoto.

DC Cherry Blossoms 2018
DC Cherry Blossoms 2018

Also paused at Jefferson Memorial for a bit; haven’t been in there for a few years.

Jefferson Memorial

We went back over the weekend to bring Ezra over for his first hanami but he mostly napped. (Was also his first ride on Metro, which went well.)

Family at the Tidal Basin

Also tried a cherry-blossom-themed donut at Dunkin. It was … a donut.

“Cherry Blossom” donut

Full Cherry Blossoms 2018 photo album here, continuing my unbroken streak of DC cherry blossom photos since 2004.