Pandora with Rollerblades

Having been banished from the bed, Pandora’s new lounging spot of choice is under my TV table, chin resting on the rollerblades that sit there, unused since the previous summer.

The vet got back to me last week, and told me that her urinalysis and culture came back negative for any infection. She had no swelling, no redness, no irritation, or any other indication of a urinary tract infection or other disease — which means Pandora’s recent evacuation displacement issues have been behavioral. Amy and I have realized of late that the beginning of her incontinence episodes coincide, to the day, with my purchase of an Air Wick device for the bathroom — where the litter box is located. It’s entirely possible that the strong odors of the Air Wick scented oil may have thrown off the cat’s normal odor-centric excretory rhythms.

I have discarded the Air Wick. We shall see what happens.