Pentecost Sunday

Church.jpgYesterday was Pentecost Sunday, so worship service was started with a traditional flag procession. I carried the Philippine flag, of course, which was a bit of a challenge to juggle with choir duty, since I had to march with the flag-bearers to the balcony, stick the flag in its mount, then run through the bowels of the building to come out in the chancel in time to catch the end of the processional hymn.

(Those of you wondering how I square up a flag procession with my stand on patriotic hymns sung in church, I must stress that at no point were the praises of any one country extolled during worship, and the flags are meant as a symbol of the universality of the faith, with people of many nationalities and backgrounds worshipping together in church.)

After service — and a Communion Sunday potluck luncheon — I joined two friends from church, Rod and Jeff, for a walk down to the World War II Memorial, with a stop at Decatur House. Then I walked down the Mall to head home, dropping by the Philippine Festival on Pennsylvania Ave. (I didn’t stay long, as it was rather loud and chaotic, and I wanted to curl up on the couch with my cat and a Hostess cupcake.)

Here’s Gordon Richmond getting a wheelchair wash at the youth car wash fundraiser. At back, far left, is his fiancée, Kathryn. They’re getting married this month.