Bird and Capitol

IMG_6196.JPG IMG_6170.JPG


This bird was perched atop a lamp just long enough for me to get three photos of varying zoom lengths and compositions. So, two questions, one for the pro photogs, and one for the seasoned bird watchers: which of the three compositions do you like best, and what kind of bird is it? It was gray and brown, with a long tail, and a vivid white stripe on each wing.

Update: Looks like it’s a Northern Mockingbird. Hat tip to HoWeCogitate.


  1. digenis says:

    I think the first photograph is definitely the best. Hard to believe that the bird stayed there long enough for three shots…

  2. Daƫril says:

    About the composition (I’m not a pro photograph, but that’s almost the same, I work with pictures – and all of this only reflects my personnal opinion):

    Hard to say, because the three of them have an idea, and the three of them some flaw.

    The first one looks really like the bird is “proud” of being here. Space is well cut, even if birdie is at half height. I’d say there is some luminosity problem though, looks under-exposed.

    The second one is funny because it makes a parallel between the two situations (real bird//statue). Maybe lacks some depth. But that would’ve ruined the parrallel, maybe? Mhh…

    Some leaves are entering the field on the left side, try to avoid that effect: put either some more, or none. If something can’t be really cut out of the field, you have to deal with it – more, you have to make it take part in your composition (these are some dumb advices, but heh I don’t know your level of knowledge even if you’ve got good ideas).

    For the third one, I’d say it may be the one I like the best. Too bad the capitol statue is almost on the horizontal center. If it had been some more to the right, this composition just would’ve been near perfect.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

    About the birdie:

    Sorry, I just lack the knowledge when it comes to birds xD

  3. HoWeCogitate says:

    I’m fairly certain that this is a “Northern Mockingbird”. I think I like the first pic the best.

  4. Jason Wall says:

    I’ll vote the first one too, though the second one shows off the bird better.