Firetrucks at Hotel George

(Firetrucks at Hotel George uploaded by brownpau.)

I was not quite asleep yet when the smell of burning rubber filled the apartment building, and a fire alarm sounded from a few buildings down. I peeked out the window to see people streaming out of the Hotel George, so I got my camera and trotted down the street to get photos — just as an army of firemen arrived on their trucks, and started putting hoses on hydrants and extending a ladder to the roof of the hotel.

There were no visible flames, though, and soon after the firemen had gone into — and behind — the building, they re-emerged, reboarded their trucks, and left. The smell has subsided. I’m going back to sleep now, and the guests of Hotel George appear to be doing likewise. More photos here. I got video too, but it’s too late to import and edit.