Finally, Snow

Season’s first snowfall underway. The snow finally started as a shower of fine, tiny flakes just as we were leaving church, and a good dusting had stuck to unpaved surfaces by the time we were done with lunch at Bua. The flakes are much bigger now, and there’s at least a good quarter inch on the ledge. Here’s the view from my apartment, live, as the snow continues to fall. (I will convert this to a time lapse video tomorrow.)

Update: The time lapse video turned out pretty boring and uneventful, so I scrapped it. Instead, may I direct you to last year’s snow day time lapse, and offer this photo of Constitution Avenue and the National Gallery of Art getting snowed on:


The snow has stopped now, and turned into a light rain of ice pellets. This means our lovely layer of snow is growing an crunchy upper crust of slippery ice, like a cold creme brulée.