Snowy Sunday

It began late last night as a wintry mix of snow, rain, and ice pellets, but by morning it was steady snow: huge, damp flakes falling into early afternoon. After church and choir practice, with the snow still falling, I walked to the White House, down to the National Mall, Constitution Gardens, the World War II Memorial, the frozen-over Reflecting Pool, and Lincoln Memorial, snapping photos all the way. Some highlights:

The White House, even whiter than usual. I had to go around two inaugural platforms, each three stories high, to get this shot. I hope they take down those eyesores soon.

From afar, I thought, “Aw, how cute, those kids are making a little snowman!” Then I got up close and realized that those weren’t kids, and the snowman was over seven feet tall.

Photos taken with a Canon Powershot A400.