Mobile Catchup

Some cameraphone photos from the past couple of weeks that have gone to Flickr but not to here:

New York Post Hillary Home Alone cover Sushi Robot

Funny Van 1 Funny Van 2

What's Wrong With This Sign? C&O Turtle

Union Station Metro Pan

First row, left: New York Post headline depicting Hillary Clinton as Macaulay Culkin in “Home Alone,” shortly before the suspension of her campaign.

First row, right: Sushi Robot at Harbour Cafe, Washington Harbour, Georgetown.

Second row: Funny decals on a van, satirizing the life of a contractor.

Third row, left: What’s wrong with this sign before a sidewalk closed for construction on K Street?

Third row, right: Lazy turtle munches on floating mulberries in the C&O Canal.

Bottom, across: Quick mobile panorama of Union Station Metro, with Glenmont-bound train arriving at right.