Snowy Greenway

Walking down to the tire shop along the Forest Hills Greenway — not so green in winter with all the snow, couple inches crunching underfoot.

Snow rests heavily on a fir tree branch by a snowy path, marked by slushy footprints

A fork in the path. I think of “miles to go before I sleep” and “the road less traveled” and realize those are from two different Frost poems.

Snowy path in the woods diverges, narrower left path going uphill, main path on right staying level

An idyllic brook winds through the woods. You’d barely know it was fed by runoff from a residential drainage culvert.

A little stream trickles past snowy trees and small snow covered rocks Concrete pipe trickles water into the stream

Bridges, bridges.

Snowy Cole Harbour Day Snowy Cole Harbour Day

More wintry photos as we enter 2023.