Dollar Store Finds

I love going to the dollar store. There’s always, always, always something amazing.

Like this “Movable Stick” — it’s a rolling pin, but for only a dollar:

Movable Stick

How about a Bathe Thing? After all, it’s the New century Sanitarian thing:

Bathe Thing

“Gift.” Surprise your loved one on that special occasion with this wonderful set of variously sized mesh drain strainers:

Dollar Store "Gift"

Lovely Days with these not-at-all-copied-from-cartoons princess royals. They are pure. And descent.

Dollar Store Princess Bag

And here are some $1.29 home pregnancy test kits and $1.69 bottles of Aspirin. Hey, Budpak is a real thing, and so is Certified Brand.

Dollar Store Home Pregnancy Test

I leave you now with these assorted brands of super markers, none of which are meant to be confused with Sharpies, like, at all:

Assorted Dollar Store Marker Brands