At the Zoo

My zoo photos tend not to come out too clearly, either because the animals are so far away from me that I have to push my camera’s digital zoom to the extreme ends of blurriness, or because of insufficient light inside buildings necessitating a faster — but grainier — shutter speed (since I usually keep flash off). Still here’s some of the good stuff from the weekend:

Sleeping pandas, including Butterstick in a tree:

IMG_6912.JPG IMG_6909.JPG

Two elephants standing such that they look like a single six-legged elephant:


In the bird house, a funny warning sign and an owl in an O RLY YA RLY moment:

IMG_6933.JPG IMG_6945.JPG

A very stern-looking wattled crane:


See more in the DC Weekend June 2006 photoset.


  1. Tom Jackson says:

    I was there at the DC zoo one February, standing on the sidewalk overlooking the elephant yard, and saw one of the elephants throwing snowballs at the people on the walk. It picked up a chunk of snow in the end of its trunk and flung it in our general direction. Apparently it noticed that we all enjoyed this, so it kept doing it.