Snow to Slush to Mud

I took these three photos within five days of each other, from Jan 25 to Jan 30, 2013, at the outlet of Rock Creek and the C&O Canal to the Potomac River. (The outlet, a “gate to the water,” so to speak, gave rise to the name of those famous buildings in the background.)

Snowy Rock Creek Outlet
Slushy Rock Creek outlet
Muddy Rock Creek outlet after thunderstorm

We went from snow, to slush, to muddy thunderstorm runoff all within a week. And tonight looks like snow again. Interesting metereological diversity in a short interval.

The Potomac River was a sight to behold as well, muddy brown and rolling with whitecaps. This is the upper end of a great tidal estuary, and today its “sea” character was making itself felt in wind and waves.

Angry Muddy Potomac River after Thunderstorm

Also some video here if you want the full experience.