Yet More Snowy DC Photos

I admit it: I was holding off posting new weblog entries and photos because I heard about the coming storm and wanted to wait so I could have an uninterrupted string of winter photos. Sadly, when I woke up at 6am this morning, the snow had turned to sleet, and it was just too nasty outside for me to pick up my National Mall photo run from where I had left off on Tuesday. Instead I paused at snow-covered Dupont Circle on my way to work and took a panorama of the Circle in the long shadows of winter morning (click for huge image):

Snowy Dupont Circle Morning Panorama

I also got this lovely tall photo of the Fountain in snow, actually four horizontal photos stitched vertically for a “simulated wide-angle” effect:

Dupont Circle Fountain

More in the full Dec 2005 Snowy DC photoset.