Nokia 6120c Photos

Here’s a bunch of photos from the 6120c to show the phone’s camera quality. I forgot to mention that the camera has a feature called “Panorama mode” — this lets you take one photo, shift the view, take another, and if they line up the camera app will stitch the two along an overlap, as with these two quick panoramas I got of the Ateneo de Manila campus:



And now, a huge photo dump from after I got back to DC. This is me catching up on the mobile content I’ve been neglecting to push here from Flickr. (Oh, and that first panorama is stitched with desktop software, as it consisted of more than two shots, and the fog over the river was throwing off the phone’s own image overlap detection.)

Foggy Potomac - Panorama


Capitol Couple Pink Bike

Spring Afternoon Blossoms

Watergate Icicles Morning on the Potomac Blue Hour Icy Hydrant Button Moat Bicycle Seat Postal Door Lock, Light, Love Washington Square Park Arch Washington Square Park Buildings Snow on Leaves Sunny Swollen Potomac Drained C&O Canal Duck High Tide