DC Metafilter Meetup

Jessamyn was in DC for a visit, so local MeFites got together for a meetup at Palace of Wonders Argonaut on H St NE. (Palace of Wonders turned out to be closed, so Argonaut served as backup venue. Careful clicking, the sites are Flash-based with sound.)

IMG_7781.JPG IMG_7708.JPG

IMG_7713.JPG IMG_7754.JPG

IMG_7854.JPG IMG_7863.JPG

The last photo is in the back of MrMoonPie and EvilTiff’s car, of me and hugsnkisses just after I discovered that she is actually nedrichards’ sibling, a fact which tickled me pink. It’s a Small Web After All. What were we doing in the back seat of the car? Well, riding to the Metro, of course. That’s all.

More photos here. I must say, Metafilter users are remarkably photogenic. Fun day, fun company, fun meetup, and so-so calamari. We now close the weekend with this video of MrMoonPie transitioning from a robotlike dance (?) to a one-handed demonstration of the Numa Numa.