Corn and Magazine

Spotted yesterday while lining up at Whole Foods: someone appears to have decided he didn’t want this ear of corn anymore, so he stuffed it in the InStyle magazine rack. Classy.

Corn and Magazines


  1. Man, when I worked at the store (at the regional office now) I was amazed at what people did with stuff they didn’t want. I’ve found produce and milk dumped in the freezer, bulk items stuffed on a shelf, and any number of things jammed in the magazines.

    Listen people, if you shop ANYWHERE and you don’t want something in your basket simply give it to the cashier. They won’t think worse of you, they’ll appreciate not finding perishable food lying around.

  2. filmgoerjuan says:

    Even worse is when I find chilled or frozen items left in various places around the grocery store. If you decide you don’t need/want it, either put it back yourself or give it to the cashier and get him/her to get a stockperson to put it back. Pathetic.