Pickles the Parakeet

I’ve been pet-sitting a neighbor’s parakeet for the past few days. His name is Pickles. He’s smart and friendly and green, eats apples and cheese, lives in an open cage, and would love to sit on your shoulder. I feel like a pirate. AAARRR.

Photo taken with an Aiptek Mini Pencam 1.3MP SD.


  1. tray says:

    heh. how cute! i had a parakeet once. his name was peaches. he died of a seizure. it was sad.

  2. Bobber says:

    Nice ringneck. I used to have a Quaker but gave it away when we had kids. They are very social animals and people should not really get one unless you really are willing to give a lot of time to them. My bird bounded to me very well and actually got upset when I would sit with my wife and put my are around her (and kissing was just completely out)! I was very fortunate to find a person (to give mine to) who understood birds and had a lot of patience to work with them. More info on Quakers here…

  3. ganns says:

    Well, shiver me timbers if yer savage birdie don’t melt me heart with his cuteness!