Happy 4th!

Happy 4th! Amy and I braved the threat of rain and thronging crowds on the National Mall to catch DC’s 9:10pm fireworks display, and we were not disappointed. Security was quick and hassle-free, and despite thousands of people, there was plenty of space to sit on the grass near the Vietnam War Memorial and watch the show.

Note the Washington Monument at lower left in the first photo; it’s barely visible through thick clouds of smoke. (Photos taken with a Palm Zire 71.)

Fireworks photo

Crowds watching fireworks

Also a Happy “Real” Independence Day to the Philippines, which was granted freedom from Japanese tyranny and American colonial rule on this same day in 1945.


  1. Enhancement says:

    Brownpau, the REAL RP independence day is July 12 when the fervor started.

    Per your thinking, then July 4 isn’t the REAL USA indepedence day because they only delared it on that day. The British still had their rule till they forced them out by arms… British didn’t leave July 4.

  2. Paulo says:

    The difference being that the 12 *June* 1898 Malolos Republic was not a continuous government, as the Philippines “declared” a sovereignty which was not recognized by any power, and quickly gave way to American colonial rule till the 1935 Commonwealth, which even then was not a truly independent state till after WW2. Things would be different if the independence movement had succeeded, and 12 June 1898 would indeed be our true independence day, but Aguinaldo surrendered in 1901. George Washington did not surrender at any point.

    Also note the scare quotes around “Real.” ;)