Billy Goat Tavern in DC

The Billy Goat Tavern has come to Washington, just around the block from where I live, so now I can pop in for a cheezborger at just about any time of the day. I met the manager of the DC Tavern at a tenants’ association meeting two weeks ago; he’s a great-nephew of the original Billy Sianis (and also named Billy). Nice guy.

DC Billy Goat Tavern

Excellent location, on the ground floor of the National Association of Realtors HQ, just up New Jersey Ave from the Capitol. Lots of windows, separate counters for bar and dining, giving the tavern an air of DC legitimacy. Probably my only complaint is that smoking is still allowed in there, so the air inside isn’t exactly fragrant when someone lights up.

DC Billy Goat Tavern Menu

Here’s a closeup of their menu. I’m assuming the “d” is a printer’s typo.

And thanks to the magic of modern technology (i.e. “old film” grain effect, bar saloon music, and Google Flickr Video), you can watch this spectacularly anticlimactic film of me, eating a cheezborger:

(For those unfamiliar with the cultural relevance of this topic, please refer to The Curse of the Billy Goat and the “Olympia Cafe” sketch on Saturday Night Live with John Belushi.)