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The Grape Juice of Christ Fatal Exception Error

I drew these a few weeks ago, but forgot to scan and upload them. Please refer to my earlier entries on Bible Wines and Hymnals respectively.


  1. wyclif says:

    It takes a really weird (or just plain faulty) hermeneutic to attempt to turn the Greek word for wine “oinos” into Welch’s Grape Juice. Or any grape juice, for that matter. Don’t take my word for it. I tell my Baptist friends who are still hanging on to that bit to consult Liddell-Scott at the library and get back to me ;-)

    FWIW, I’ve done the lexical studies involved in the context of Judaic use of wine, and let’s just say it would be difficult to convince me at this point to join the ranks of the prohibitionists.

    If you’re a Good Samaritan who finds a man on the side of the road, beaten because he fell among thieves, pouring Grape Juice on his wounds would have zero effect. Okay, it would stain the bandages.

    Grape Juice doesn’t burst old wineskins; it doesn’t expand. That analogy to both the Kingdom of God and the Christian life are powerful because they should expand from grace to grace.

  2. You might like Mark Beauchamp’s doodles:

    He stuff appears regularly in Credenda/Agenda magazine.

  3. PastaKeith says:

    Oh, man. I certainly hope that doodle doesn’t come from your time with us at FBC. I detect a luddite in the front row to the right ‘amen’ing the BSOD.

    On the subject of grape juice: I think it was wine in Jesus’ cup. No doubt. Paul accused the corinthians of getting drunk at the Lord’s table… it was definitely wine.

  4. Lhynard says:

    I never have checked here before, but I found your grape juice cartoon wonderful. :)