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Stained Glass Sunlight

Since I’m in the First Baptist DC choir, the day of Christmas Candlelight Carols are an all-day event for me, from morning rehearsals and worship service to more rehearsals in the afternoon, to the Candlelight Carol service itself. During a break in rehearsals I noticed the sun shining through the famous stained glass windows and […]

Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda): Ships Aground and Ways to Help

An email I sent for distribution at my church, First Baptist DC, answering queries about typhoon relief contribution opportunities for fellow Baptists here in the USA after Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda. Following the call for donations I’ve also included a gallery of ships run aground during the typhoon, a display of the fury of the storm.

Some light reading on Christianity and homosexuality

Two sets of detailed, probing questions from Alastair Roberts on Christians and homosexuality: for those opposed, and for those who affirm. Mark Sandlin on the standard go-to bible verses used against homosexuals. Fred Clark on Peter’s vision of the sheet of unclean animals. Pretty much anything Jim Somerville has said about the matter.

Stewardship Testimony

I was asked to deliver a stewardship testimony at my church, First Baptist DC, last week. I threw together this statement about why I tithe and pledge at church. Apparently it was good enough to move a few people to give more — and the pastor forgot the order of service and jumped straight to […]

Inside National City

Holy Week was a fairly busy time, especially musically: church choir was singing for Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and of course lots of Hallelujahs for Easter Sunday. Good Friday was the climactic musical event for me, when we sang with the National City Christian Church choir in a joint performance of Theodore Dubois’ “The Seven […]

Talking Above My Pay Grade

So how do I reconcile being a prolife Christian with supporting a pro-choice Democrat? I’m not going to cop out with a “pay grade” excuse. I believe life begins at conception, but I stand that we can do a lot more to save the unborn by being involved at a personal and community level rather […]

Di Ka Nag-iisa + 25

Last Thursday, August 21st, marked the 25th year since the death of Ninoy Aquino. His opposition to the Marcos dictatorship and subsequent assassination sparked the flame of outrage which would lead to the EDSA People Power Revolution of 1986, sweeping Marcos from the presidency and restoring democracy to the Philippines. Ninoy’s wife Cory became President, […]

Pope Passes Penn Ave

Birthday Boy Benedict XVI is in town, on the first papal visit to the United States Washington, DC since John Paul II came in 1979. Barricades lined Pennsylvania Ave in Foggy Bottom this morning, where the Popemobile would pass after a welcome at the White House: Myself, I haven’t seen a Pope since the last […]

Drive-Thru Nativity

I was looking through Stynxno’s “Christmas 2007″ photoset and found a fascinating series of photos of a “Drive-Thru Nativity” — a concept with which I had been unfamiliar, but made for some remarkable pictures. (Update: More on this from stynxno himself.)

Christmas 2007

This has been a very momentous year for me — getting hired, getting married, getting a new place — and I am grateful and humbled by how far God has brought me. But I count it all as unto nothing beside the free gift of redemption I have received from the Savior whose birth we […]