Lincoln the Messiah

What if I told you that Abraham Lincoln was not only a great president, but also a magical miracle worker? That he healed wounded Union soldiers with a touch, and glowed with a heavenly aura, such that the Confederates could barely stand to look at his shining radiance? What if I told you that he did not stay dead after Booth shot him, but rose from the grave a week later, with liberty and justice for all on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line?

You would rightly think me utterly insane. Lincoln has been dead for 137 years; far less than enough to erase the sensible truth of his life and times.

Jesus had not even been gone thirty years when the earliest documents about him were written. Yet they contained astounding, even incredible, claims of healings, transfigurations, and resurrections. And the eyewitnesses to those stories attested to every single word of it — even to death.

Now, do we begin to see how improbable it is that “embellished” myths could have arisen so soon after the events related in Scripture? As improbable as me telling you that Abraham Lincoln was a Messiah.

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