God’s Guidance and the Magi

Bible study group last night focused on Matthew 2, the Visit of the Magi, and one thing took my notice: If God is against the use of astrology for divination (Deut 4.19), why are these Zoroastrian astrologers from the East such key players in the Nativity story?

Of course, the classic interpretation is that the Messiah’s Saviorship was not just for the Jews, but for all the world as well, even the pagan Gentiles of that day. But another thought struck me: though the Magi were led to Christ by the study of the stars, it was after they had brought their gifts and worship to the Infant that God guided them directly, warning them in a dream to return to their country by a different route. Is that not telling? It’s entirely conceivable that God can guide people to Christ by an external route, as the Magi were guided by a miraculous “star,” but once you have worshipped at Jesus’ feet and acknowledged Him as Lord, there will be no need of stars and astrology; God speaks to you directly in the Word made flesh, and that is far, far more than enough.