What’s Your Order?

My order is…

Opus Dei

… which I find really funny, because the ultra-conservative Roman Catholic Opus Dei are both light-years away, yet strangely similar, to the ways of evangelical Protestantism — and each thinks the other is the Antichrist.

So what’s your order?

(Note that if you pick all the SATANIC choices, you’ll end up with Jesuit. Link found via this guy.)


  1. Rod says:

    Who’da thunk it? Dominican. Somehow, I have always thought of myself as Jesuit. I had a Jesuit friend who used to try to convert me to Catholosism so I could be become a Jesuit and “fulfill my destiny.” I was flattered, but I told him I found the whole concept of a religious hierarchy to be alien and abhorant, to which he replied so did most Jesuits so I would fit right in.

  2. Paulo says:

    Yeah, I was expecting Jesuit too, but it looks like “Jesuit” is reserved for all the really dark and evil menu choices. It’s a spoof quiz, after all. (Or is it? Dun dun!!!) ;D