Smelly sheepherders

Just went on a semi-spree; blogging-spree, that is, looking at blogs. I found a few nice Christians with blogs; I’ll add them to the menu now.

I know what this person means, about atheists and agnostics who speak out against God and the Christian faith. Too often have I read threads in PEX or other writings by skeptical bloggers who readily speak out against Christianity in all its forms (whether conservative Protestantism, liberal born-again Christianity, or traditional Catholicism), making bold, arrogant claims without any facts or quantification to back them up. Statements along the lines of… “The Bible? How can you trust some book written by smelly sheepherders thousands of years ago? Everyone knows it’s been edited and re-edited hundreds of times.”

Of course, anyone who’s done his homework will know that particular piece of atheist propaganda is dead wrong.