Drive-Thru Nativity

I was looking through Stynxno’s “Christmas 2007” photoset and found a fascinating series of photos of a “Drive-Thru Nativity” — a concept with which I had been unfamiliar, but made for some remarkable pictures. (Update: More on this from stynxno himself.)


  1. stynxno says:

    I should include some background information.

    The nativity took place for a large methodist church. Everyone drove in their cars, got into a line, and drove through the parking lot. At various points there were various scenes from the Luke/Matthew story. At the beginning there was Augustus calling out his census. We see Mary and Joseph looking for an Inn and being turned down. Shepards and Angels wander around. And even King Herod stands in the road, comes over the window, and asks if you’ve seen the Baby “so he can worship him”.

    The lines into the place are always long and at the end, they give you a couple of candy canes and ask for donations.

    It’s such a suburban and American concept. During the whole time, I kept making jokes about my carbon footprint. I also got a lot of laughs and points from the “actors” because I was standing up through the sun roof so I could take pictures of people. Some of the older ladies in Bethlehem said they felt like they were being harassed by the paparazzi when they saw me. It was neat.