Back in Church Singing

I forgot to mention this earlier: two weeks ago, I was accepted into watchcare fellowship at First Baptist Church. That means I have an “honorary member” status here, while my “home” church is still Berean Bible Baptist back in Parañaque.

Since then, I’ve begun singing with the Chancel Choir. The process of joining was quite amusing: I showed up at the choir practice hall and told the director I desired to join. I was under the impression that I would need to audition and undergo a voice test, then be put on probation before being allowed to actually sing from the balcony or from the chancel. Instead, he told me to go get a robe that fit, grab a songbook, and join in. Whoa.

Next thing I knew, I was with the rest of the choir on the church balcony, belting out a rather dissonant 1967 setting of the 31st Psalm, after which we marched down the main aisle to sing hymns from the chancel. “Dragged by your ankles into a baptism of fire,” as the choir director called it.

Looks like I’m back in church singing again, after years of dormancy. I love it. Um, praise God?