Aarondot in Utah

Aaron’s Utah adventures continue. Very intriguing firsthand experiences of the LDS faith from inside. Be sure to keep him in your prayers.

Oh, and on Aaron’s front page, have you noticed the tiny plus sign beside the “Development” header? Whatever you do, don’t click it!


  1. Ben Beilharz says:

    This warning (about Aaron) comes one week too late for me. But I’m almost fully recovered.

  2. Mike says:

    That little plus sign is EVIL. :P

  3. ganns says:

    Why Pau? I’m afraid, but the curiosity, the force, is getting the better of me…!

  4. Paulo says:

    It launches a hellish cascade of web development links, each in a new browser window!!! Fortunately I was using Opera when I clicked it, so they just opened as background tabs. :D

    Actually it’s a bit useful as a daily “to-read” list.

  5. CyberLizard says:

    I should have listened… but did I? Noooo…. so I clicked and regretted it afterwards. Grr.


    Of course, after you telling us *not* to click it, I was quite intrigued.

    (Mental Note: Follow the advice NOT to click things next time)

  6. wayne says:

    I hate you….