Baptist Linkage

I’ve had Baptistdom on the brain lately, probably owing to the recent CBF 2007 General Assembly here in DC a couple of weekends ago, which gave rise to the Associated Press religion article just mentioned on GetReligion, about “The Other Baptists,” so to speak.

I didn’t attend the conference, didn’t really follow it, but I did notice that the good Rev. Butler had a couple of posts leading up to the conference with some details on the illustrious history of her church, Calvary Baptist: Part 1, Part 2. More notes on the history and architecture of Calvary, with old photos and drawings, from Also related: The history of the DCBC.

On a somewhat related theological note, Internet Monk has an ongoing series on “The Baptist Way,” starting here. I’m also wrapping my head around Tim Etherington’s posts on Reformed Baptistic Hermeneutics, Part I and Part II.

And that’s it. Sorry, I just haven’t been able to synthesize much in the way of original theological thought lately.

Follow-up on the conference from Rev. Butler: Being Baptist.