Overcoming Transitory Angst

I’m over the initial bout of mild transitory angst. Now I’m looking forward to working. And it pays well, too. :)

Hmm. Someone in the US has come up with a book trying to prove that Jesus didn’t exist and the gospel accounts of him were just an amalgamation of ancient myths from the Middle and Near East.

Sigh. Another one.

Despite centuries of overwhelming documented scriptural, textual, historical, and archaeological evidence supporting the authenticity of the events in the gospels, there are still “liberal” scholars who think they can prove, with a few tenuous and obscure historical links, that Christianity is a lie and the Church is conspiring to cover it up. When In fact, their own “proofs” are often even flimsier than they claim the faith to be. Myself, I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes. (Romans 1.16)

Whether you’re with the Roman Church or Protestant, or any other Christian denomination, our faith still stands or falls on Jesus. And this much I know: He existed, He still exists, and He is very much alive, our loving Lord and Savior, father, brother, protector, teacher, and friend. I have felt His love, I know He is real, and by His grace I will stand firm in that faith.