Fight Club and Stu Weber

Interesting, how Russ just watched Fight Club a few days ago, just when someone starts a Fight Club thread on Pinoyexchange.

I like what “Theophilus” put there: “If being a man is about nothing but aggresion, hatred, and anger, then count me out. I know what a real man is, and aggression, hatred, and anger are qualities of weakness, not strength. However, an excellent book I read by Stu Weber does acknowledge that a man is a warrior; a fierce contender for what is true and upright. In that sense, yes, a man is a fighter. But far more than just a lost man fighting to free himself of his material trappings in the middle of a nihilistic film.”

I wonder who “Theophilus” could be? ;) Sounds like he’s been reading Four Pillars of a Man’s Heart. = )