Wade Hodges has a biblical alternative to 40 Days of Purpose. Heh heh.

(Okay, okay, so I’m a bit bitter. When I was in Baltimore, I attended several services at a PCUSA church which got so Purpose-Driven-Crazy that they showed a Rick Warren merchandise video at the call to worship, and the pastor filled his Easter Sermon with Purpose-Driven plugs. I stopped attending there pretty soon after. But before I get too elitist about this, I shall sober myself with an Outland admonition. Humble humble.)


  1. Roy says:

    Great googly-moogly! If they were pulling stunts like that, they have problems other than needing “purpose”.

  2. Rod says:

    I thought the 40 Days of Purpose was something the Church had been doing for years. It’s called Lent.

    Of course, I am an unwashed heathan in that I am unfamiliar (deliberately so) of Mr. Warren’s work. I just can’t get excited about this year’s Jabez AND get excited about next year’s Jabez, AND still get excited about the Jabez of the year after that. There’s a whole hamster-in-the-wheel feeling to it all.