Satanists ain’t got no respect!

I think someone just called me a Satanist for not believing in Rebecca Brown and her Sacred Oil. My response is that even if she were not shown to be mentally unstable, a theology as Satanological as hers tends to lead to paranoid heresy-hunting which sees demons behind every corner, and results in an unbalanced focus on spiritual warfare, even to the exception of grace, peace, and proper doctrine. Reactions?


  1. Rod says:

    The problem of mistaking folk religion for orthodoxy is what brought the Roman church down in northern Europe. People began looking at all that ritual and all those accoutrements and said “well, that’s just silly.”

    I was looking at this Catholic site yesterday and they were selling St. Joseph home sale kits, which included the prayers to say as you buried the statue of St. Joseph in your yard. They were very insistant that this was NOT superstition.

    Yeah. Uh huh. OK. Well, now.

  2. vis10n says:

    The difficulty of being so concerned about the dark side, is that it allows no room for the glorious truth that Good TRIUMPHS over Evil, regardless of one’s arsenal.

    In the end, Satan is real… but his reality is no more a threat than the reality of gravity.

  3. Raffy says:

    I don’t know, I’m still trying to get that splinter from the cross of Jesus out of my finger.


  4. Raffy says:

    That list from demonbusters can be pretty misleading for a new Christian. For example, casting demons out of people is a dangerous practice for someone who isn’t spiritually strong. It is only by the name of Jesus that we can command demons to flee, but just like any battle we have to be fully (spiritually) prepared for the fight.


     this brown pau site is most interesting, so much so that I may start reading it more regularly. The guys